The Study Centre strives to create the best possible conditions for study and to secure all the necessary equipment. Special textbooks are published to meet the student’s needs. These take into account the fact that he/she has a beginner's level of Czech. A computer room and a study hall are available. Students may also go to the local library.
Student housing is available at the Charles University Halls of Residence in Podìbrady. The halls are located near the town centre.

The international student who wants to study at faculties in the Czech Republic must have his/her secondary education recognized by the Czech Education Office.
Recognition requirements:

·  official sealed reports from each academic year of secondary study

·  a validated copy of the final examination certificate

·  a full description of all subjects taught - number of hours (weekly) must be included (weekly)

·  notarized Czech or English translation of all the above-mentioned certificates(a translation from English to Czech, as required by the Czech Education Office, is provided on request).
All documents must be legalized either by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an official Notary's Office in the country in which you studied and then by the Czech Embassy/Consulate.
Copies without a validating stamp will not be recognized!

Is provided in students’ halls of residence in dual-occupancy rooms with a bathroom. Students can use, among other facilities, the school library, study rooms and the sports centre. The halls of residence are situated in Podebrady. There is the possibility of providing temporary accommodation in the hall for relatives or friends.
Meals are not included. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated for by the school cafeteria on request, provided notice is given.

Steps of the enrollment process
Each application needs to be accompanied by the following:

1) Motivation letter ( in English or French )  explaining your motivation to study in Czech Republic, if you have previously studied the language and for how long, what are you goals after a completing the course, and other important information relevant to your interest to study in the Czech Republic. Please include your language abilities of other languages.

2) Curriculum (may be part of the motivation letter. Briefly mention all your education and working experience, if you have any). 

3) Copy of the Completion certificate (or Diploma) of the highest education attained, including  a translation into English. The translation is not necessary if the original document is in French, Spanish or Russian language.
These documents send with fill application to our e-mail:
Upon reviewing your documents you will be provided with pre-registration via e-mail and bank details to pay the tuition fee. The tuition fee needs to be paid in full before the official acceptance letter to support your visa application may be issued.

Note: After completion of the preparatory course to continue your studies for bachelor / magister degrees you need to successfully pass the entrance exams to the selected university. That means continuation of the studies is not automatic.

Important: consult Czech Embassy or Consulate regarding the visa requirements and time needed for the visa process! Note that among other requirements you need to have health insurance to be able to get the student visa. 

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