What services will we provide to you?
-  We will attend to all the matters concerning your admission to the language centre.

-  We will send you a confirmation of admission to the language course on whose basis you will receive a visa at the Czech embassy in your country.

-  We will be waiting for you at Prague airport and then take you to the language centre. There we will register and accommodate you.

-  We will take care of you throughout the school year.

-  We will help to resolve any problems and difficulties you may encounter during your stay at the language centre.

-  Following the completion of the language course at the end of the school year and your admission to university, we will wish you plenty of success in your further studies.
Contact us for more information:

Tel : (00420)608 737 101
Tel : (00420)723 333 008
E-mail: info@study-n-czech.com

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